Thursday, June 28, 2012

Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez

I always loved reading the children's books nominated for awards in the states where I lived. This book won the Kansas award this year.

Winner:    William Allen White Book Award, grades 6-8, 2012
(Kansas children’s book award)

Lina is a middle school student who loves socks, her best friend Vanessa, science, and a boy named Luis. Her mom passed away not long ago, and though Lina loves her dad (most of the time—she is in middle school!), she misses all the mom-type comforts. Lina struggles with the loss of her mom as well as Vanessa’s interest in a boy, which dramatically changes the girls’ relationship. Throw in Vanessa’s man-hating, cascaron making mom and excitement is just waiting.

I didn’t enjoy this book as much as some of the other children’s book award winners. Problems and events were a little too predictable for my taste. Confetti Girl did offer some nice lessons about living with what you have, accepting others, and learning about yourself—always good things to read about and ponder. I did enjoy the Spanish dichos (sayings) and other references to Texas/Mexican culture—a nice reminder of my time living there. Interesting, though, that it was the winner in Kansas, not Texas. I wouldn’t rush to get this book, but middle schoolers in Kansas thought it was great…what do you think?

I described Lina above; how would others describe you?  

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