Thursday, June 21, 2012

11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

I always loved reading the children's books nominated for awards in the states where I lived. This book won the Kansas award this year.

Winner:    William Allen White Book Award, grades 3-5, 2012
(Kansas children’s book award)

Amanda and Leo are brought together by chance when they are born on the same day in a small town hospital. A local woman sees the parents admiring their new children in the nursery and tells them to be sure the children always celebrate their birthday together. By chance (maybe?) their first birthdays are at the same place, then by design they have joint parties after that. Until birthday number 11. Amanda and Leo had some problems and plan separate parties. The day keeps repeating itself until something is done just right. Will Amanda and Leo figure out what to change or will they celebrate their 11th birthday forever?

I loved this book from the beginning! It was another time travel-ish book—I seem to be drawn to them right now—and it was nicely done. The story was engaging with true friends learning about themselves, but it wasn’t overly sappy. I highly recommend it!

Which birthdays have been memorable for you?  On what day would you want to be stuck? Would you change anything?

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