Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bossypants by Tina Fey

Read while home alone? yep.
Tissues needed? only if you laugh too hard
Overall rating: 5 stars

Tina Fey tells her story in Bossypants in a way only she can. Fey grew up in Philadelphia, had a stint at Chicago’s Second City, then moved to NYC to work on Saturday Night Live, her own show, and being a wife and mother. Wow, it wears me out just recapping all of that! Bossypants recounts lessons learned along the way, including how to be a boss without being a “bossypants.”

I laughed my way through Bossypants. It was fun to read about some of Tina Fey’s SNL colleagues, including Lorne Michaels, and the lessons she learned from him. I also enjoyed her tales of motherhood; we seem to have many common experiences there. In fact, I think Tina and I generally have a lot in common: we both have brown hair and glasses. We've both lived in the middle of the country and on the east coast. My sister and I both think I'm hilarious; Tina is paid to be funny. See what I mean? We're practically twins. If you like Tina Fey’s humor, you’ll love this book.

Whose autobiography would you like to read? What would the title of YOUR autobiography be? 

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