Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dr. Seuss: Virtual Book Club for Kids

Dr. Seuss is a special author at our house.

First, Dr. Seuss’ birthday is Toddler Train Man’s half birthday. Here’s a picture from TTM’s first half birthday:

My Many Colored Days is also special to us.

This is the book I read to my class and the book they made the first time I met the Professor. Have you ever considered Dr. Seuss a matchmaker? Me neither, but it happened! (Abbreviated version: the Professor was a special education consultant in my district, I was a 5th grade teacher. He came to my classroom to “consult” on some students, and then we consulted on other matters…)

Today I read My Many Colored Days to TTM—both the Seuss version and my class’ version. Their activity (oh so long ago: those 5th graders are in their 20s now!) was to paint—using mostly one color—then describe the kind of day it represented. As I looked back at their work, I was really impressed with the ideas they had.

“Blue days make me feel like the leaves getting swooped up by the wind.”
“Blue makes me feel like a rainy day, but I like it anyway.”
“On purple days I feel like I can spread my wings and fly.”
“On black days, I feel like a squirrel running in the night.”

So TTM had a go at it. (Ok, this was really just an excuse to paint. Caught.) I asked him what color day he was having and he said, “White. It makes me happy.” That could have something to do with all the snow still in our backyard??

Here’s his painting. It seemed like more of a red/pink day to me, but he assured me it was definitely a white day. As for me, my day seems a little more like this:

What color day are you having? Do you have any special Dr. Seuss associations?

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  1. We love to paint too. I like letting my son pick out the colors he wants to use. He almost always wants a little of each color. They generally get all mixed up and become a shade of brown in the end!

    1. That sounds like our palette, except somehow we usually end up with a pink. I'm trying to put out more blue and yellow these days--maybe we'll work into brown someday! :)

  2. Yours is the first Dr. Seuss love story I've heard! I love TTM's painting and your student's descriptions of their days.

    1. Glad I could give you a first! :) We can't be the only Dr. Seuss love connection though, can we? I may have to do some searches and find kindred spirits!

  3. I did love the white snow this morning! How fun that Dr. Seuss helped bring you and the Professor together!