Sunday, July 29, 2012

Byron Barton

My Car; Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs; Machines at Work; Freight Trains (and more!)

I love to read and I want Toddler Train Man to feel the same, so we read together, go to the library, and visit the bookstore (ok, maybe he mostly likes the train table there, but sometimes we look at books too). So while I really enjoy “my” books, I’ve found some books for him that I can read ALMOST as many times as he’d like. Byron Barton is a toddler author whose books fit that category.

Last summer the little guy won My Car by Byron Barton for participating in our library’s summer reading program. We loved it. Since then we’ve tried several of Barton’s other books and haven’t been disappointed. Sure, some are more appealing than others, but part of that is the day and mood, not to mention current interests. I love the big, vibrant illustrations and the simple, rhythmic text. Barton’s books cover our interests well: trucks, trains, and dinosaurs. Is there anything else worth reading about?! There are books available in both board book and picture book format. If you have a toddler, I’d highly recommend checking out whichever of Barton’s books tickle your fancy!

What kid/toddler books do/did you enjoy? Favorite author or subject? What's your record for number of times reading the same book in a day? 


  1. I haven't actually counted how many times we've read the same book over and over but I'm pretty sure it's up there! We've read Byron Barton and like the books for its simplicity.

    Right now my toddler likes Mo Willems "Happy Pig Day."

    1. Ok, I haven't actually counted reads per day, but I think 20 could be on the conservative side!

      We haven't read Mo Willems much--I'll have to add that one to our list-to-check-out. Thanks for the tip!