Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Green by Laura Peyton Roberts

Read while home alone? absolutely
Tissues needed? no
Overall rating: 5 stars

When Lilybet Green turns thirteen her birthday is quite different than she planned. She finds herself in a world of leprechauns who want her to be part of their village, but she must first pass a series of tests to prove her ability, cleverness, and loyalty. Lilybet must quickly figure out the ways of the leprechauns if she is to have a chance at passing the tests and honoring her beloved grandmother.

This book was written for children, and it was a delight. Lilybet is a girl who moves often and isn’t classically attractive or athletic, so she has trouble fitting into each new school/town. Being so lonely, the idea of the Green clan is a relief. I liked the various tests Lilybet had to face, and I liked that she struggled enough to make the end worthwhile. She had to use more of her own resources than she knew she possessed, which was a great lesson. Green kept me guessing, making it an exciting read.

Discussion Questions:
  • What would your wish be if you were given one?
  • What fairy tale creatures do you believe/wish were real?
  • What tests could your friends/family complete to show their cleverness or loyalty?
  • Have you been the “new kid?” What makes that experience easier? More difficult? How can “old kids” help? Hurt?
  • What magical power would you like to have?

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